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Carabine artisanale Tony Gicquel
Carabine artisanale Tony Gicquel
Master craftsman
Carabine artisanale Tony Gicquel

The manufacturing of a hunting gun

Taking the order of a handcrafted hunting gun is above all a passionate encounter between two people. My goal during the first meeting is to understand your needs and to define the criteria of the gun of your dreams.

The design of the gun of your dreams

The practice of your hunting (small or large game) will determine the first characteristic of the gun, namely, rifled or smooth barrels. Then, depending on your habits and your experience, we will direct us towards a side by side or an over and under model, or to a KIPPLAUF-type rifle (take down single shot rifle) or bolt action rifle.

We choose together the gauge, the barrel lengths, the choke, the type of stock (English stock or semi pistol stock), ejector or extractor, the trigger... Next comes the choice of the action or receiver : filed receiver or Boss-type receiver. We examine many criteria to be as close as possible to your wishes.

The selection of the wood of the stock

Then comes the selection of the walnut blank in which I will cut the stock and the forend of the gun. Generally, you have a few things in mind as the dominant color of the wood (golden or rather dark) but also the vein (rather burr walnut or straight grain walnut blanks) that will enable me to make a selection of three or four shapes. For each, I show you where is the stock in the shape in order to optimize the choice of wood. I take all measures that are useful to me to get a stock that really fits your body type.


Engraving is the most artistic approach. My role is to advise you that it is as aesthetic as possible, that is to say neither too crowded nor too sparse and the positioning of subjects (animals or other) is as judicious as possible. Depending on the nature of the engraving (animal scenes, fine scroll, carved engraving...), I choose the engraver according to his specialty. For some projects, I ask him to make a paper model that we validate together before starting the work.

An one year lasting project

From the validation of the order, a countdown will start for approximately 12 months. During this time, I inform you of the different stages of your gun by sending photos by mail for example. Sometimes impatient, some of you will visit me during the manufacturing to make a first contact with your future gun.

Prior to delivery, I make several tests to perfect the settings. Then, I give you an appointment for testing and trying your gun. Depending on your feelings, changes can still be made. My work is done.

My happy moments are

Our rifles and hunting guns

Depending on your type of hunting, I offer a wide range of guns.
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